Opportunities for Indian AMEs in International Market

For those who are interested in pursuing a successful career in aviation, the Indian Institute of Aeronautics (IIA) is what aspirants should look for. This group of institutions has the most intensive courses pertaining to aircraft maintenance engineering in India. With a background in aerodynamics and avionics for the past 35 years or more, the institutes have a long record of past students who are enjoying very successful careers today. It is no surprise that the group’s institutes are considered the best placement colleges in India.

Overseas Employment

The aviation regulatory requirements all over the world are guided by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) which is a body of United Nations. Indirectly all the member states of United Nations under come and follow ICAO guidelines corresponding to Pilot licensing, Airworthiness & Air Safety. In order to maintain a harmony among the aviation fraternity, all the National Aviation Authorities (NAA) members of ICAO follow & implement regulations which are in favour of this industry and acceptable all around the world.

India is also a member of UN and correspondingly ICAO. The regulatory requirements & procedures in India are introduced and taken care of by aviation watch dog Director General of Civil Aviation which comes under Ministry Of Civil Aviation, Government of India. DGCA not only issues regulatory guidelines but is also involved in Airworthiness, Air Safety & Licensing directorate.

Once an aviation enthusiast acquires license from the authority he/she becomes eligible to work in all the member states/countries of ICAO. As the working norms and local regulations of the countries vary, they only have to appear for the Civil Aviation Requirements of that particular country. The type of aircraft flying remains common all around the globe be it Asia, Europe or America’s, Thus the maintenance, safety and flying conditions applicable to them remains same. The only thing that varies in between them is the regulatory requirements for which a candidate has to show his/her competency to be eligible for the acceptance from NAA of that ICAO member state.