Why IIA Group is the No.1 AME Institute in India

About 4 decades ago, Aircraft maintenance engineering course was introduced in India. Since then, there have been many institutions offering the course in different regions of their country. Each one of them have shown different ways of ministering the knowledge but among them, there has been no instructions better than those from IIA Group of Institution.

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An educational institute has a key role in everyone’s career, it’s become so important to choose a college wisely. There have been many institutions offering AME course in different regions of the country. IIA is a leading Group of Institution in the Aviation Industry serving for 39 years of its establishment. Over the years IIA Group has provided the Indian Aviation Industry with more than 50% of the technical workforce.

They offer best AME training in their institutions. These institutions are fully digitalised and designed to equip every student with adequate training and knowledge to secure a permanent position in the aviation industry.

The institutions has digital library to aid the students with their research and fully updated information in the AME course of their study. The classes are spacious to avoid congestion. This will give each student a free environment conducive for maximum production, academic wise.

The trainers are professionals in their field and are well experienced to suit every student with the necessary training as far as aircraft maintenance engineering is concerned. The institutions are just perfect for any AME student since they can interact with other AME students thus triggering relevant interactions and healthy competitions.

Another thing is that the AME courses offered by all IIA group of Institution are either Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt.of India approved or EASA approved. The eligibility for either of the courses is always very simple. Students who have passed with a 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics after 10th/12th are eligible to apply. Some of the other eligibility requirements are found on the website.

IIA Group of Institution, both DGCA and EASA approved Institute in India are the best because it offers the best placements for job and career opportunities in the world. All the students who graduate in any of their institutes are guaranteed to get a job after being licensed in the good reputed aviation industry. Some of the areas where they get employed In Domestic and Foreign Airlines, MRO Industries, Government sector etc. All those who study Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course at IIA group of Institution secure a well-paying career for him/herself. AME Admissions are ongoing, buckle-up and visit us.

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