Importance of Theoretical Education & Practical training in AME


Over the past 3 decades, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has attracted so many scholars as to the best shot for a good career. Backed by the endless list of job placement and a vast number of various career opportunity in the Aviation Industry, it has come to the harmonious conclusion that the best course to go for is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course. In the world, different institutions offer either DGCA or EASA approved AME courses but in India, the most reputed group of institutions the IIA Group of Institutions. The relentless and dynamic growth of AME has secured stable career opportunities for its partakers jam-packed with amazing financial benefits and social developments. However, the aviation sector has also had an unending demand for AMEs with excellent skills and theoretical knowledge which would definitely give them certified licenses in the field.

This calls for proper practical and theoretical training in different AME colleges to enable a student to secure a good career after studies. Generally, the course takes 3-5 years of your time to finish up studies and get certified. It is very possible to undergo all the required years of training and still fail to secure a job. This is because, if they do not possess the appropriate practical skills in schools as they study, they won’t be able to apply their theoretical knowledge in real work. This will force their employers to fire them. This means that both the teaching and methodologies used by the lecturers in the colleges are equally important for each student.

The DGCA and EASA have put it a mandatory requirement in the curriculum that any institution offering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training, must cover the theoretical and practical training in a thorough and equal manner. Both must be a perfect mix to equip the student to be in a better position to secure a lifetime career. The practical training mainly involves applying theoretical knowledge on live aircraft in the workshops and understanding how they operate in a better perspective. In so doing, the students will need a computer-based training to get the latest knowledge on how aircraft operate. The computer technology helps them to be well updated on the minor changes or advancement in the aircraft’s operating systems.

Theoretical training mainly involves studying in class or in the libraries where a professional explain different systems and all you need to know as an AME verbally. You will need to go to a workshop to make sense of this theory. Nowadays, employers seek candidates who can work in a changing environment and have the ability to apply their theoretical knowledge in actual work. The candidate who is able to integrate their theoretical and practical training to work harmoniously as one, always have a better chance to employment than those who can’t.

Other institutions incorporate On Job Training for their AME students to educate them on how to implement their training in real-life situations. This boosts the confidence of the students and helps them gain some experience in the procedure.

IIA Group of Institutions is one of the best AME College in India that offers the best integrated theoretical, practical and On Job Training. Admissions for 2019 are ongoing and this would be a golden chance to secure a lifetime career.

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