Training Manager

A P Kaushik

Anand Prakash Kaushik
Training Manager
Ex AGM – Air India

Education with proper training makes an individual perfect. Aviation industry is a sector where passenger’s safety is paramount. Safety of passengers is directly related to the safety of an aircraft which in turn is related to the AME who certifies that aircraft. I always believe that aviation safety is learned behavior and it demands a constant focus and a true commitment from the people in the aviation industry.

During my days with Air India Ltd, I had observed that certifying the aircraft is a high profile job and requires proper training with in-depth knowledge of latest technology and safety awareness. If these qualities are inculcated in your character, they are inseparable throughout your life and help you make the best AME there is around.

JRN institute of Aviation Technology, New Delhi, is DGCA approved AME institute which boasts of best training aids, operational aircraft, engine, highly qualified instructors. The institute set up is based on the guidelines laid down and amended from time to time by DGCA. In civil aviation, the requirements and offers are large and institute provides exciting choice of AME programs in Aeroplane, Helicopters, Power plants and Avionics Stream. Our academic staffs continue to provide the highest standards of teaching to students and continue to defy industry odds with record placements year after year.