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About us

Capt. R.N. Sinha (1926-2004)

IIA has been a pioneer creating opportunities with the career in AME to the aviation sector since 1981. We are the first AME institute in India rendering the best AME professionals in civil aviation and safety. We have contributed as the best aircraft Maintenance Engineering College in India till now and counting on. You can build a career in AME with us, we at IIA provide you with best experienced and dynamic faculty that will help you going through the AME courses. To kick-start, your career in AME, join IIA. We are authorized DGCA approved AME institute in Delhi and Patna respectively, extensively creating profiles of AME professional across the nation. We are equipped with a no of aircraft for practical training of the students and this makes us the leaders of top 10 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges in India.

We extended our colleges to JRNIAT and BIA Patna as DGCA approved institute in Delhi and Patna, offering DGCA based AME courses.

JRN Delhi

JRN Delhi is highly prestigious and contributed a glorious history of 41 years in aviation sector history and functions under the guidelines of DGCA, Govt. of India. It has been providing opportunities in aviation and safety under the guidance of our expert professional, synchronising with the rapidly changing aviation sector. We own a 5000+ sq. ft. Hangar area, which is the largest amongst any of the AME colleges in India, modern library etc.

BIA Patna

we have created equal opportunity for the aspirants seeking a career in AME in the eastern zone as BIA Patna, under IIA. This is situated in the premises of Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, turning BIA Patna as the top ranking institute in Bihar offering best aviation courses after 10+2. We provide you with a 100% ragging free environment and audiovisual classrooms for better learning

Our alumni have been serving the aviation industry for the last 3-4 decades. At IIA we mould the dreams of the aspirants, building you the finest AME technicians, nurturing your future as we are serving the aviation industry as the best AME College in India from last 41 years.