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Airbus A320 Practical Training

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Duration of Course 01 Month
Course Conducted by Airbus Approved/ Authosrised Instructors
  1. Mandatory part of EASA B1.1 Practical Training
  2. Add-on Practical Training for CAR 147 (Basic) students
Available Seats 14 Trainees/Month
Participants All students after completion of their CAR 147 (Basic) training
Course Content 3D Virtual Practical Training on Airbus Aircraft fitted with CFM 56B Leap Engine.
Training Includes
  1. Walk-around Inspection.
  2. Familiarisation of Aircraft and Engine System
  3. Training to find Component Location
  4. Troubleshooting of various aircraft systems
  5. Removal and installation Practices by "Learning by Doing" method
  6. Fuctional test of sytem after troubleshootingby "Learning by Doing" method
After the Course Trainees will awarded with Certificate of Recognition issued by
IIA, New Delhi Powered by AIRBUS.