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Easa Part 66 Exam

For the grant of EASA Part 66 license, an aspiring candidate needs to accomplish two main criteria as stipulated by the Competent Authority.

1. Clearing all the Module examinations relevant to the desired category from an EASA Part 147 organisation in India or Worldwide.

2. Acquire aircraft maintenance experience by associating with an Airline operator or an Aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul organisation (also known as EASA Part 145 organisation).

For appearing in the EASA Part 66 module exam in India, the available options are limited to only approved EASA Part 147 organisations in the region. Indian Institute of Aeronautics is an EASA Part 147 approved organisation in India, which conducts Basic Training as well as EASA module examinations for enrolled and non-enrolled candidates in Category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine).

For Category B1.1, there are total of 13 modules and a candidate needs to clear all the 13 Multiple choice exams as well as 3 essay type exams. The time period for clearing the Part 66 Module exams from an EASA approved organisation is limited to 10 years duration from the date of clearing the first module examination (MCQ or Essay type).

The training requirements of these 13 modules are limited to ascertain an aspiring candidate as a bonafide & confident Certifying staff. The training requirements for an individual candidate in an EASA approved Part 147 organisation based upon the knowledge and skill development by participating in the classroom training as well as practical task performance on an operational aircraft. This methodology of participation to acquire knowledge and skill levels is known as Organised Training.

Under the organised training at IIA Delhi, the students also get a chance to appear and attempt the EASA module exams in India. The passing criteria for each Part 66 exam are set at 75% for both MCQ & Essay type exam. The Part 66 module examination in India at IIA Delhi’s approved facilities are computer operated and are approved by the EASA to organise.

Admit not only its enrolled students but also the aspiring technicians working in the aviation industry in the form of non-enrolled candidates. These EASA Part 66 Module exams at IIA Delhi are organised with the completion of basic training standards for a particular module or in the form of re-examination for the reappearing candidates.




Mod.01, Mod.05  15.03.2023
Mod.04, Mod.17 16.03.2023
Mod.07a 17.03.2023
Mod.03, Mod.08 18.03.2023
Mod.02, Mod.06 20.03.2023
Mod.09a 21.03.2023
Mod.10 22.03.2023
Mod.11a 23.03.2023
Mod.15 24.03.2023

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