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Airbus A320 Practical Training


Indian Institute of Aeronautics brings to you Airbus ACT for Academy- A superior adaptation of Airbus' professional maintenance training solution that is designed to familiarize students with the latest Airbus aircraft technology and maintenance procedures in a classroom environment.

The IIA Group works by a legacy of providing the aviation industry with extremely skilled and talented young engineers to elevate working standards and create benchmarks. In order to provide all students with an extensive training platform that nurtures multi-dimensional growth and excellent grooming, we believe in giving them the realest training equipment to prepare them to excel in their future and contribute to the growth of the aviation industry. In our constant effort to provide state of the art technology to our students, we have implemented Airbus ACT for Academy in our curriculum that brings the aircraft to the classroom!

Since visual learning is more impactful, the training includes various practical and interactive sessions to enable better knowledge retention and ensure more alertness as students get to experience real-time learning and training. The program offers students the opportunity to work on an aircraft simulator to help them understand real-life working and what their professional lives hold for them.

We are focused on moulding and grooming students into future ready talents that will only elevate the domain of aircraft maintenance and engineering. Hence, Airbus ACT for Academy will provide the following to ensure each student is trained in the best way to become the best:

  •  General familiarization with Airbus Aircraft to ensure students know and learn all about the aircraft and its systems. 
  •  Specially designed scenario driven exercises to prepare students for all situations. The exercises will include tasks such as energize aircraft, start engines and simulate various malfunctions.
  •  Realistic and interactive media that reproduce an Aircraft environment with a 3D virtual Airbus aircraft and cockpit

Interface of “Airbus Competence Training (ACT)” Tool

Airbus Competency Training tool utilizes 8 computer stations (one for the trainer and 7 for the students with 2 students on each station). Each station fitted with 2 display monitors & a Central Processing Unit. A Local Area Network ensures secured connection in between all the stations with the trainer holding command over training techniques and overviewing practical training performance in virtual environment by the trainees. It also provides essential scope of assessment when individual trainee performs the troubleshooting, functional checks, routine inspection, operational checks on the aircraft in the simulated environment. Each station is desktops are preloaded with AirNav software to access aircraft documentation, including aircraft schematics and other maintenance-related information.

Facilities and Configuration of ACT

  •  Computer based Training kit with pre-installed AirNav to assist in simulation and documentation training on an Airbus aircraft fitted with new generation CFM LEAP engine.
  •  It utilizes 2 separate monitors for imparting virtual training, one to access AirNav & other to demonstrate virtual representation of an aircraft to support hands on training while working from the virtual cockpit simulating a real aircraft with original components & equipment.
  •  The combination of a virtual aircraft and its glass cockpit provides access to its genuine components which are equipped with real time graphical and actual images including schematics of aircraft systems that creates a unique training environment.
  • It offers the ability to display and operate instruments fitted in the cockpit including Line Replaceable Unit (LRU)and Built in Test Equipment (BITE).
  •  It also supports facility to save and recall lessons or training layouts and offers a library of malfunctions and active schematics, all of which interact in real-time in a highly reliable simulation environment.