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5 Things You Need to Know About Being an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

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5 Things You Need to Know About Being an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

    The job of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is to keep an aircraft in working order by performing regular maintenance, repairs, and inspections. The individuals aspiring to perform these tasks must meet specific requirements during training and certification because these engineers must be prepared to perform their roles and follow the regulations carefully.

    Of course, this isn’t something you learn by studying on your own. Many institutes offer AME Courses, and after graduating from them, you are almost guaranteed to get a job in the industry.

    Now there are some key points you must know about being an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, and they are listed below:

    • Huge Variety of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

    The engineers can be split into categories depending on their interests. The M1 category license allows you to sign a maintenance release for small aircraft. M2 category lets you take care of M1 aircraft and, along with it, the Transport category aircraft.

    M1 and M2 can also sign out helicopters, while the AME E license gives you the privilege to sign off all types of avionics work. The AME S license is a structure license that gives an individual a blanket license to work on any aircraft type.

    • Not a Typical Office Job

    People working in this field get little to no time to sleep because they have to work weird shifts. The workplace is fast, and you will be expected to work afternoons and nights as a fresher.

    • Salary is Different from Other Jobs

    The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are generally underpaid for the amount of responsibility that is given to them. A typical individual who has graduated from one of the top institutes of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering earns $25 per hour. But after gaining some experience and slowly working up the ladder, you will be making $43.40.

    • Not an Easy Job

    The job of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can be disgusting at first, but if you feel a little uneasy, it is a good sign because it shows how much you care about your work. You will be okay if the tasks are performed at a certain standard. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

    • Lots of Documentation Involved

    No matter how brilliantly you have performed in your Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course, you will never get the hang of handling the paperwork generated for maintenance, release, etc. Often individuals are taken aback by the amount of writing needed, so try practising your penmanship.

    In all honesty, this job is not easy to handle, but if proper planning and research are done, you can build a successful career out of it. The IIA Group as the Best College for AME offer AME courses to students in India since 1981, and under them are three colleges; IIA Delhi, JRN Delhi, and BIA Patna.

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