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Why IIA Group of Institutions is the Best Placement College in India?

Being best Aircraft maintenance Engineering College in India we, IIA group of Institution have spread our wings in the aviation sector since 1981 fulfilling the dreams of the enthusiasts of being AME professional. We have been the pioneer of Top 10 Colleges in India from last 4 decades. ....

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Best AME Institute in India- IIA Group of Institutions

The aviation sector has always been providing greater job opportunities to the aspirants after 10+2, finding AME colleges have been a challenging task. Here we are supporting you for finding Best AME institute in India. The best AME College should hold the qualities of best faculties, best trainers, a place for practical.....

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EASA Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation In Delhi

As Aircraft Maintenance is such an onerous job, with 1000’s of fliers’ safety depends on it, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has been made the authorized apex agency in the European Union (EU) and functions as the overall incharge of safety in the aviation sector.....

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Best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India

India is ceaselessly developing, with the development of aeronautics it has opened up new roads of opportunities. This has created demand for better aircraft technology and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India.....

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Which Field is Better – Avionics or Mechanical?

Careers in Aviation are on a higher trajectory as Indian and foreign Airlines are booming. With many more tourists and travelers, Airlines are expanding furiously and hence need professionals in large numbers opening up new opportunities for aircraft maintenance Engineers or technicians.....

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What to do After Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

If you are apprehensive about a career after doing AME- rest assured! As the career in AME entails inspecting, diagnosing, error finding, testing, and maintenance before certifying an aircraft to be fly-worthy, the future of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer depends on how the Aviation sector performs.....

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Various Courses Offered By Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Delhi

Best AME College In India

India is emerging as one of the largest aviation markets and is opening the market for thousands of aviation professionals. Induction of numerous new Aircraft and Helicopters will predicate new vistas for pilots and cabin crew but also require a large number of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers to handle the vast needs of maintenance and repairs.....

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Theoretical and Practical Education for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Top Ame College In India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is attracting many aspirants after completion of 10+2 in Science stream as civil aviation is booming. The dynamic growth has made the sector promising for building a stable career with great financial returns and long-term social benefits. The aircraft engineers are responsible for construction, repair, and maintenance of the aircraft.....

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What is an EASA Part-147 approved Aircraft Maintenance Training?

EASA Part-147 sets the standards of training for any organization that desires approval for setting up training program and examinations as per EASA Part-66. Successful completion of the EASA Part 66 Aviation Courses is necessary to obtain AME License.....

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What are the Career Opportunities after AME course?

Every aircraft needs to be certified for its fitness before its departure. It is a big responsibility on the shoulders of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to make these flying machines airworthy. Many people have no information but wish to know how to join the aviation trade, what do AME’s do, how much do they earn, what is the Scope of AME & career opportunities available to them?....

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What is an AME apprenticeship?

The regulatory guidelines issued for the DGCA Approved AME Colleges in India stipulates Completion of AME course in the relevant category of training & passing of Module exams conducted by the DGCA 2 years of demonstrated work experience....

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What is the difference between Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Aircraft Maintenance Technician? Who has more salary in India or abroad?

In the trade of aircraft maintenance, terminology like an engineer, technician or mechanic creates a lot of confusion. These terms develop a common perception on one’s work ethics and authorization statement while working in the aviation industry.....

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Who can do Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

The DGCA, Govt of India issues regulatory guidelines for the approval and operation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges or AME Colleges which needs to perform and demonstrate the training & examination procedures as stipulated in their AME Course curriculum.....

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5 Things You Need to Know About Being an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

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