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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer vs Aircraft Maintenance Technician 

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer vs Aircraft Maintenance Technician 

    We've seen this topic spark debates on forums since so many people aren't sure what these terms mean. When two "aircraft maintenance technicians" or "aircraft maintenance engineers" from two different countries go head-to-head over which one is "better," the debate generally revolves around whether one is "better" than the other.

    What AMTs and AMEs really do?

    Some argue that these words are distinct, but no matter what they are called, everyone in these roles is expected to perform the same tasks and obligations. Airplanes Maintenance Technicians are responsible for repairing and replacing aircraft. 

    It is their job to execute planned maintenance and functional inspections on all of the aircraft systems, including the hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric systems.

    Aircraft safety and airworthiness are the key priorities for an AMT. They must ensure that the aircraft they have examined and maintained is safe for use by both passengers and crew.

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineer vs Aircraft Maintenance Technician

    To summarize, "What is the difference between an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and an Aircraft Maintenance Technician?" may be answered in a single sentence. It's not so much that they work differently, but that they achieve and refer to things in somewhat different ways.

    Aircraft Maintenance Technician is a job given by firms, whereas Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is a job that can only be obtained through education.

    Both of their responsibilities are to maintain the aeroplane and its components, which is what they do. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license is sometimes used in place of an Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) license.

    As an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, you'll be responsible for diagnosing and repairing mechanical and electrical faults on planes. Avionics technicians are trained professionals that work with electronic equipment on a variety of aircraft. Both professions are critical to the safe operation and transportation of aeroplanes.

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    How to become Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT)?

    AMT certification may be obtained in one of two methods. In order to become an AMT, you'll need both education and experience. As an example, on-the-job training is a method of accomplishing this goal. 

    Typically, this is the most cost-effective method of gaining the expertise necessary to become an AMT.' 
    Attending an Aviation Maintenance Technician School that is accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the alternative route to becoming an AMT. 

    How to become Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)?

    An AME focuses on aircraft and component maintenance. It is necessary to keep one's pilot's license current. There are several work options for an AME with a license in both the commercial and public sectors in India and abroad.

    As a result, in order to work as an aircraft maintenance engineer, you must first get an Aircraft Maintenance License. The DGCA government of India issues the AME license, which is a requirement for maintaining and certifying aircraft.

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