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Best AME Institute in India- IIA Group of Institutions

The aviation sector has always been providing greater job opportunities to the aspirants after 10+2, finding AME colleges have been a challenging task. Here we are supporting you for finding Best AME institute in India. The best AME College should hold the qualities of best faculties, best trainers, a place for practical.....

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Which Field is Better – Avionics or Mechanical?

Careers in Aviation are on a higher trajectory as Indian and foreign Airlines are booming. With many more tourists and travelers, Airlines are expanding furiously and hence need professionals in large numbers opening up new opportunities for aircraft maintenance Engineers or technicians.....

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DGCA approved Part 147 Basic Aircraft Maintenance Training Organisation

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has emerged as one of the most attractive career options after 10+2 in Science as it is a high return, high responsibility and gets high respect from society. As AME's certify a plane to be flying fit and hence is a high-risk job, the training followed by AME's. ....

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How to Get EASA Part - 66 AME License

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is the apex agency under the European Union (EU) that is the overall in-charge of safety in the aviation sector. It has the task of regulating and execute tasks that relate to every single aspect of civilian aviation safety.....

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Best Aviation Institute in Delhi

Aviation Engineering is one of the most attractive career options for anyone passing out after 12th in the science stream. It provides adventure and taming of the unknown apart from ensuring the safety of millions of flyers.....

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Best Career Option After 12th PCM

As a student who has passed out from 12th standard in PCM, a wide variety of choices await. Engineering remains one of the most stable and respectable that brings recognition as well as financial returns. Once you pass 12th standard in PCM, the huge amount of options means that choosing the best courses becomes very…....

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You Will Never Think That Learning AME Could Be So Beneficial! But It Is!

here was this news the other day, the first luxury hotel in space is going to get operational by 2021, costing a whopping INR 61.6crores per 12-day stay. With life getting fast-paced and stressful on a daily basis, people only wish to fly to their destinations, be it for work, social commitments or vacations.....

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course in India

Best College for AME

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the course done by different students who think of sky. A good course makes them learn engineering skills and knowledge that are useful in Aviation industry. The main responsibility of aircraft engineers is to deal with repairing, construction, and maintenance of different parts of aircraft.....

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What are the Career Opportunities after AME course?

Every aircraft needs to be certified for its fitness before its departure. It is a big responsibility on the shoulders of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to make these flying machines airworthy. Many people have no information but wish to know how to join the aviation trade, what do AME’s do, how much do they earn, what is the Scope of AME & career opportunities available to them?....

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How can a Mechanical Engineer become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in India?

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or an AME’s work assignment is full of responsibility which requires them to assess and endorse the fitness of an Aircraft. The general perception is that this technical manpower is the product of institutions offering degree programs in Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics engineering but in reality, they are the product of AME colleges and not the regular engineering institutions.....

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How can I become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in India?

How Can I Become An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer In India?

Undergoing Basic Training from the DGCA Approved AME Colleges. Covering un-organized training & getting relaxations in the work experience.....

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What is an AME apprenticeship?

The regulatory guidelines issued for the DGCA Approved AME Colleges in India. Completion of AME course in the relevant category of training & passing of Module exams conducted by the DGCA.....

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10 Points to Check Before Finalizing AME colleges!

An Aircraft is a marvelous piece of engineering that creates a magnetic effect when a school undergraduate is about to choose his career after 10+2. These inclined candidates remain in a dilemma when it comes to....

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What are Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details?

What Are Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details?

AME is a course and which is neither a course nor a diploma. It’s basically a licensing course that comes under DGCA-DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF CIVIL AVIATION. IIA group is the first AME institute in India to provide the best AME professionals.....

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Best Books to read to clear AME Exam

Best Books To Read To Clear AME Exam

Candidates who are preparing for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Exam will benefit from reading the finest materials for the exam. According to experts, picking the finest books for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering preparation is the most critical step.....

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Which is better Aeronautical Engineering or AME Course?

Which Is Better Aeronautical Engineering Or AME Course?

People sometimes mix Aeronautical engineering and (AME) Aircraft maintenance engineering Courses. To find the ideal job for you, you'll need to know the difference between these two types of positions. To help you decide which course is ideal for your long-term goals, consider the job and pay outlook for each one. ....

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