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Can I get and work as an AME in Canada or any other foreign country?

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Can I get and work as an AME in Canada or any other foreign country?

    The AME courses around the globe are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the representing country. These authorities are linked to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) which is a United Nations body and responsible for issuing Standards and Regulatory Procedures which are to be implemented and followed by the Aviation authority of every country which is a member of the United Nations.

    In order to maintain parity in the aircraft maintenance license training programs, the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering follows and implements the standard curriculum worldwide. The advantage of covering technical training from these AME colleges is that the acceptance of the AME license for all the ICAO members remains unanimous. Henceforth these candidates after completion of their license training program get the opportunity to work in the other states who are members of the United Nations without any hindrance.

    The work permit for Canada or any other foreign country as an Aircraft Engineer requires the candidate’s document validation from the organization from where he/she completed their basic training. The acceptance of these documents becomes much easier if the training organizations are reputed and amongst the Top AME colleges in India. The organization’s identity in terms of reputation gives them additional leverage when it comes to the PR in foreign countries.

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