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EASA Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation In Delhi

As Aircraft Maintenance is such an onerous job, with 1000’s of fliers’ safety depends on it, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has been made the authorized apex agency in the European Union (EU) and functions as the overall incharge of safety in the aviation sector.....

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What is an EASA Part-147 approved Aircraft Maintenance Training?

EASA Part-147 sets the standards of training for any organization that desires approval for setting up training program and examinations as per EASA Part-66. Successful completion of the EASA Part 66 Aviation Courses is necessary to obtain AME License.....

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How to Get EASA Part - 66 AME License

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is the apex agency under the European Union (EU) that is the overall in-charge of safety in the aviation sector. It has the task of regulating and execute tasks that relate to every single aspect of civilian aviation safety.....

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How to get EASA Part 66 License?

European Aviation Safety Agency or EASA is the Nodal agency of the European Union which issues certification specifications and approvals for Aircraft Manufacturing, Operation, and Maintenance. The EASA Part 66 for the maintenance of the aircraft is considered to be the most superior & reputed amongst any Aircraft Maintenance License issued by the National Aviation Authority of any country.....

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Predicting the Future of Aviation Industry in 2035

From the advent of the hot air balloon in the 18th century to the current experimentation with autonomous flight methods, the aviation industry has been playing a key role in letting people travel across the globe efficiently.....

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