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(Step-by-Step Guide) How to get EASA Part 66 License?

European Aviation Safety Agency or EASA is the Nodal agency of the European Union which issues certification specifications and approvals for Aircraft Manufacturing, Operation, and Maintenance. The EASA Part 66 for the maintenance of the aircraft is considered to be the most superior & reputed amongst any Aircraft Maintenance License issued by the National Aviation Authority of any country.

The procedure for the grant of EASA Aircraft Maintenance License includes enrollment in an EASA approved Part 147 organization (or Maintenance Training Organisation) for covering 2400 hours of basic training, which includes theoretical as well as practical elements of aircraft maintenance. Along with the training, candidates are also required to clear EASA module exams of the relevant Category of aircraft maintenance. After the conclusion of Basic training and passing all Easa Part 66 Exams in India, the candidate is being issued a Certificate of Recognition or C of R by the Maintenance Training Organisation. On gaining a further Maintenance Experience of 2 years he/she is awarded an EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License by the National Aviation Authority of the European Union member state without type rating endorsement.

The domestic Indian aviation technocrats holding DGCA CAR 66 licenses can extend their scope to EASA by appearing& clearing EASA module examinations. These EASA Part 66 module exams in India are organized only at EASA Approved Part 147 Organisations at limited locations. A candidate having undergone Type training, which is both DGCA and EASA compliant needs to address all these EASA module exams in the relevant category in order to extend his qualifications and scope globally.

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