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EASA approved course

EASA course

The IIA group having the apex Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in Delhi also offers the EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License Training Program approved by the parliament of the European Union. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is aviation regulatory authority of the European Union that sets the guidelines for aircraft design, development, safety and maintenance.

Among the various EASA Part 66 Aviation Courses, the IIA Group offers Aircraft Maintenance Training in Category B1.1, i.e Aeroplane Turbine that corresponds to the Mechanical aspects of aircraft maintenance training. After successfully completing 2 years of Basic Training at Part 147 (Aircraft Maintenance Training Organisation) & 2 years of practical maintenance experience on an operating aircraft in a Part 145 (Aircraft Maintenance Organisation), a student is granted EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) without Type Rating to maintain & certify fitness of an aircraft. For the Actual Maintenance Experience requirement for its enrolled candidates IIA facilitated and entered into practical training arrangements with leading & reputed EASA Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisations (AMO) in India & Europe to enable the student to acquire EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License. One of the major technical training partners of IIA is the engineering division of our proud national carrier & the member of Star Alliance, Air India Engineering Services Limited.

Students who wish to enroll for the admission in this course have to be at least 14 years of age, possess a valid passport, present School Leaving Certificate (SLC), medical fitness certificate issued by registered Medical Practitioner and demonstrate a reasonably good level of the English language (Min IELTS Band score of 4.5 or mandatory English language as subject in Class 10th or 12th).

The group’s AME Institute conduct the theoretical & basic practical elements of Aircraft Maintenance Training in their organisations EASA approved workshops with in their premises and the on the job practical elements of training are undertaken at Indamer Aviation or at Air India Engineering Services Ltd situated at IGI Airport, New Delhi with whom the organisation holds feasible & viable training arrangements.

The curriculum of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is divided in multiple modules also known as subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Systems, Basic Electronics, Digital Techniques in Aircraft Instrumentation & Systems, Materials & Hardware, Basic Aerodynamics, Jet Engine Construction & Systems, Maintenance Practices, Propellers, Civil Aviation Regulations and Human Factors that are associated with the standard aircraft maintenance practices and are as per the laid syllabus as stated in the EASA Part 66 regulations.

The institutions of the IIA Group are the best & pioneer colleges in Aircraft Maintenance Training and are counted as the best placement college in India in the field of aviation. Every student who passes out of their institution with successful “Certificate of Recognition” gets an opportunity to serve & work in the Indian & international Aviation Industry.