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    Job Scope After AME – Salary and Opportunities

    If you are looking forward to a career in aviation then the IIA Group of Institutions are the best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India. They have an intensive training program that covers subjects related to mechanical and Basic Aerodynamics.


    The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is one of the popular Aviation Courses after 10+2. If you pass 10+2 in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry, you can opt for the AME Course and start earning at a very young age. Candidates who have done diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and the aeronautical stream can also apply. The course follows the guidelines of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India.


    The Aircraft Engineering course has two streams:


    1. Mechanical Stream

    Which deals with light and heavy aircraft, engines, and pistons.


    2. Avionics Stream

    This deals with radio navigation, instruments, auto-pilot, and electrical systems.


    We provide training in only Mechanical Stream.
    Aviation Engineering courses are designed so that a licensed AME can take care of all the safety aspects of an
    aeroplane. The AME Colleges make the engineers all-rounders in aircraft safety.



    Scope Of Job Opportunities After AME


    After completion of Basic AME Course (1 year for Cat A or 2 years for Cat B) successfully, the students have to
    undergo Actual Maintenance Experience (1 Year for Category A & 2 years for Category B) and are then awarded
    with license to work as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by the DGCA, Government of India.


    After this, the engineers can apply for the following jobs:


    1. Line Maintenance Mechanics


    These engineers deal with inspection, testing, and maintenance of all the parts of an aeroplane as suggested by the flight engineers. They usually work at airfields and undertake emergency work.


    2. Overhaul Mechanics


    These engineers carry out the prescheduled maintenance work of aircraft. They usually work in hangars or wherever the aircraft are parked. They inspect, test, and maintain an aircraft after completing the pre-specified number of flying hours.


    The IIA Group, having the topmost Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in Delhi, imbibes many other
    qualities in the students besides the curriculum. The students develop other skills like mathematical ability,
    accountability, working under harsh conditions, patience, accuracy, and the ability to take orders correctly


    IIA Group has the best placement college in India, and you can get jobs with:


    • Aircraft manufacturing companies
    • Flying clubs or teaching clubs
    • Private airlines
    • National airlines
    • International airlines
    • Defense Research & Development Organization
    • Aircraft-parts manufacturing industries
    • Aircraft manufacturing industries


    Some of the key players in India are:


    • Air India
    • Pawan Hans
    • Defense Research & Development Laboratories
    • Civil Aviation Department (Government of India)
    • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
    • Helicopter Corporation of India
    • National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)
    • EASA Part 66