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Indian Institution of Aeronautics Group

Domestic civil aviation operations will recommence in a calibrated manner

Air travel resumed across India this morning, two months after the lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, bringing relief to the aviation sector that was on the brink of collapse. Hundreds of people reached airports to take early morning flights to their hometowns and workplaces. Passengers wore face shields and masks inside flights, it was a novel sight for fliers to see crew members protective gowns, masks and face shields welcoming them inside the planes. The flights resumed after the details were finalised on Sunday after what Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri said was “a long day of hard negotiations” with various state governments, which were not on board with the idea. With the number of coronavirus cases crossing 1.3 lakh, the government announced a series of do’s and don’ts that would begin with social distancing at the airport and no-contact check in. Various states, however, are insisting on varying degrees of quarantine creating huge confusion among travelers. The aviation minister has indicated that international flights could begin in July.


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