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Scope of Mechanical and Avionics Stream in AME

Aircraft are a crafted masterpiece; testimony to man’s technical advancements and its applications. But they are machines at the end of the day. Thus they require timely service inputs for maintenance and smooth functioning. They carry hundreds, if not thousands of passengers and crew at a time. Aircraft and their systems become responsible for the life of all these people during their time in-fight. This is cumulatively a huge responsibility, which is well shouldered by a team of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) on the ground level. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are well trained and certifed to repair and maintain the various aircraft parts and systems to keep them in a fight-worthy state altogether. They are also responsible to issue the final CRS or the Certifcate of Release to Service before a fight is ready to take off. If you are a more practical-oriented science student, looking for something over and above the regular boring 9-to-5 engineering jobs that pay well too Aircraft Maintenance Engineering may well be your calling.

Aircraft Maintenance engineering course pre-requires students to have studied science i.e., more importantly,
physics and math to a 10+2 level. Interested students may then apply for an AME Course from one of the DGCA
approved and airport guidance’s following institute. IIA group is the best institute providing aviation courses after graduation in Delhi. With a faculty having combined aviation experience of more than 35 years of training the industry leadership a world-class fully equipped background, we are the perfect choice to mentor your technical skills. Once successfully completed, the student is required to clear the DGCA examination to enter the aviation industry professionally. The 1st and the 2nd years of study in this course include regular on-site studies and training inside the AME Institute. In the third year, students are required to choose their fields of specialization, viza-viz, mechanical or avionics. Let us understand this choice difference:


After the general introduction, all students are required to learn the basics of all fight systems. The one’s choosing mechanical specialization are required to have an in-depth knowledge about the physical body, engines and other parts of the various kinds of the airplane, i.e. the heavy airplanes, the light airplanes, the jet engines, the piston engines, etc. to name a few.



These students are required to gain an in-depth knowledge of the various electrical and digital systems of the
aircraft. This specialization includes all electrical systems, instrument systems, radio navigation systems, VHF
communication modes, all automation systems, their installations, maintenance and repairs. On completion of this AME Course, the students are ready to clear the DGCA Exams. On the hindsight, both these specializations are job-market friendly and attract equal pay scales. The choice of the subjects to be studied thus should be based solely on the passions or discretions of the student. We as a leading Aircraft Maintenance Training Institute in India, help students gain theoretical efficiency and best possible practical training in both the felds.