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10 Points to Check Before Finalizing AME colleges!

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10 Points to Check Before Finalizing AME colleges!

    An Aircraft is a marvelous piece of engineering that creates a magnetic effect when a school undergraduate is about to choose his career after 10+2. These inclined candidates remain in a dilemma when it comes to

    1. how to choose the Best college for AME
    2. where should I apply for AME Entrance exams
    3. which AME course stream is best suited for me etc.

    Before finalizing the decision for AME admission in the DGCA approved AME colleges in India, it is advised to go through few mandated guidelines, which may help out an aspirant in the selection and enrolment in the Top AME colleges in India.

    This includes;

    1. Verification of the organization approval from the official DGCA website
    2. Years of operation of the AME college organizing AME Entrance exam 2021
    3. Scope of AME training offered
    4. Distance of the organization from the nearest airport or aviation-related activity
    5. Collaboration & tie-ups of the AME college with the aviation industry stalwarts.
    6. College Infrastructure including workshop and classroom size & setup
    7. Mode of training offered (computer-based or old school)
    8. Teaching experience of the faculty& Instructors
    9. Placement opportunity offered
    10. Location (AME colleges in Delhi or other metro cities offer better exposure & opportunity)

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