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What Education is Needed to Become an Aircraft Mechanic?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

The aircraft industry needs many aircraft mechanics every year to manufacture and maintain the aircrafts. Because of the wise requirements scope being an aircraft mechanic is also increasing. There are different Aviation courses after graduation available that make you learn about the aircraft and how to maintain them properly.

An aircraft mechanic is responsible for replacing, repairing and maintaining the aircrafts components and parts. Not only this, he or she is also capable of doing maintenance and functional checks on numerous aircraft maintenance. They can easily check pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems.

There are different branches of aircraft mechanics according to which students are placed after doing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Have a look at them as it helps you in getting the idea of what actually the aircraft mechanics involve.


  • Airframe mechanics



These are acknowledged for performing maintenance on airframe components. These components involve wings, tail section, and landing gear. The mechanics who are expert in this are not allowed to work on engines.


    1. Power plant mechanics


The mechanics have the authority to maintain aircraft engines and they are also not allowed to work on components.


    1. Avionics mechanics


These mechanics are specialized in performing electronic maintenance and repair. They focus on aircraft radios, computer system and instruments, radio communications, autopilot system and radar.

Learning About the Eligibility

You need to get 50% marks in mathematics and physics in high school to get into Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India. It is needed to clear IIA exam in order to get the license. Time to time you have to give exams to check your skills and knowledge about aviation rules and regulations.

Skills Needed

  • As an aircraft mechanic, you must be disciplined and able to work hard.
  • Don't be shy and must be aware of your responsibility.
  • Try to not do any mistake.
  • You must be willing to work at night in different stations.
  • Must be technically inclined.
  • Must hold the patience and have the ability to get a good job.


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